Central Division

Inspector Cam McBride
Inspector Cam McBride
Officer in Charge: Inspector Cam McBride
Population (2016): 36,889
Dwelling Unit (2016): 17,422
Commercial Businesses (2016): 1,729
Geographic Area (2016): 13.7 sq. km.

Central Division Quick Facts


The Central Division is the smallest of the three divisions in terms of geographic size and population. It consists of nine residential neighborhoods, two industrial neighborhoods and the Central Business District. In addition, the Central Division includes both the Downtown Business Improvement District and the Riversdale Business Improvement District.


From 2015 to 2016, the overall population of Central Division increased by 1.9%. The most noticeable population changes were observed in the Hudson Bay Park (+5.6% /+120 persons), Meadowgreen (+3.2%/+147 people) and City Park (+3.8%/+160 persons).

Summary of Violations
Offence Type 2017 2018 % Change
Crimes Against the Person 1,474 1,448 -1.76%
Crimes Against Property 5,893 6,393 8.48%
Total Other Criminal Code & CDSA 8,208 7,600 -7.41%
Total Traffic Tickets (Charges) 6,890 6,867 -0.33%
Total Collisions 1,481 1,301 -12.15%
Total Calls for Service 42,585 44,354 4.15%

*RMS statistics on record as of December 31, 2018. Crime statistics are constantly being updated due to new information being received, changes in reporting procedures, and ongoing investigations. As a result, data may differ from previously published reports.

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