East Division

Inspector Dave McKenzie
Inspector Dave McKenzie
Officer in Charge: Inspector Dave McKenzie
Population (2018): 149,325
Dwelling Unit (2018): 64,935
Commercial Businesses (2018): 1,535
Geographic Area (2018): 113.7 sq. km

East Division Quick Facts


The East Division is the largest of the three divisions in terms of geographic size and population. It consists of 35 neighborhoods and also includes two industrial neighborhoods, the University of Saskatchewan Management Areas and the Diefenbaker Management Area. The East Division includes both the Broadway Business Improvement District and Sutherland Business Improvement District.


From 2017 to 2018, the overall population of the East Division increased by 2,110 persons (1.4%). The most noticeable population increases continued in the neighbourhoods currently under development including Aspen Ridge, Brighton, Evergreen and Rosewood.

Source: City of Saskatoon Neighbourhood Profiles, 17th Edition

Summary of Violations
Offence Type 2017 2018 % Change
Crimes Against the Person 959 894 -6.78%
Crimes Against Property 5,803 5,649 -2.65%
Total Other Criminal Code & CDSA 1,789 1,629 -8.94%
Total Traffic Tickets (Charges) 13,151 12,519 -4.81%
Total Collisions 3,047 2,739 -10.11%
Total Calls for Service 36,712 36,086 -1.71%

*RMS statistics on record as of December 31, 2018. Crime statistics are constantly being updated due to new information being received, changes in reporting procedures, and ongoing investigations. As a result, data may differ from previously published reports.

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